F compression plug

flexible cable winder 

Can be pasted everywhere.

Easy to set, adjust this environmental friendly lamp with the free angle.

Give you happiness from space to heart.

Plug holder

Twist around cables to group them together. 

To remove simply untwist the  plastic coil.

Cable management

Easy to carry.

Holds your Ipod,Ipad,Iphone

For conveniently watching movies and videos

Work on all devices with smooth and hard surfaces.

clip-on cable winder

Touch pen -match style

Heavy cable clip with adhesive tape

Handy clip on back,for on-the-go action.       

Keep your earbud cable tidy and tangle-free.  

Earphone Line cable winder

Hold up to four cables ready for connection/disconnection.

Weighted silicon with iron and self-adhesive.

USB line cabe winder

Keep your earbuds safe and tangle free. 

Wrap and urwrap with ease. 

Long tail cord indertifier C style 

For shortening excess cable or for storage. 

Tidy up cables and keep them tangle-free.

circle cord identifier B style 

Indentify and match up your cables.     

Never unplug the wrong cord again.

circle cord identifier

Notebook pads

spoter cord identifier

Indentify and match up your cables.   

Never unplug the wrong cord again.