Multi-Modular Plug Crimps, Strips & Cuts Tool

Economic type, frame is made of plastic and steel, light weight,w/key way in 8P modular holder.

Crimping Tool Hirose  8P8C  metal

Modular Tool for Hirose  plugs

Smooth-running cable cutter

Easy cable strippong

Mult Modular Crimping Tool, HQ Metal

Modular Crimping Tool

Cable cutter with stripping function

Easy cable strippong


Crimping Tool 8P8C/6P6C/4P4C

Insertion Tool

Insertion Tool

Punch Tool

Punch Tool(110 Type)

Small Size

Punch Tool(110 Type)

Large Size

Cutting & Tyimming Tool

Universal Stripper

Insetion Tool 110 Type