Payment Terms:TT
Min. Order:500 Pcs/Order
Productivity:1Million Pcs per Quarter
Delivery Time:one month after order
Packaging:one pc in one polybag

Product Description

1 - cable clip plier to remove insulation of the cables, with 2-K-handle,205mm,

20-cable connector, 100 mm, black  

20-wire, 140 mm, black                       

20- blade receptacle, red                    

20-blade receptacle, blue                   

20- flat connection , red                       

20-flat connection, blue                        

20-ring cable clip, red                          

20- ring cable clip, blue                       

20-fork cable clip, red                           

20- fork cable clip, blue                        

10 -butt connector, red                         

10-butt connector, blue                        

20-core cable end, uninsulated           

15-core cable end, red, 0,75 mm2     

15-core cable end, blue, 1,5 - 2 mm2 

                                 red: 0,5-1,5mm2

                                 blue: 1,5 – 2,5 mm2

 colours: cable clip plier: red/black